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Below please find all the information you need for selling your firearms at auctions operated by Thomas Auction Group.  If you cannot find an answer to any question you may have please don't hesitate to contact us.

Selling your valued items at auction is one of the most efficient and lucrative ways to market your items. The process from start to finish is low-pressure and straight forward. Once you decide to consign with us, a detailed consignment agreement will be completed, listing each item taken for consignment. A copy of that agreement will be provided to you as your receipt. The items will be transported (fully insured at OUR expense) back to our home office in New Milford, PA. Upon arrival at our facility, the items will be unpacked and tagged with your unique consignor number, ensuring that all your items remain identified to your consignment. The items are then cataloged and photographed.

After your items are sold at auction, within 25 days of the sale, you will receive a check along with a detailed statement that lists each item sold by lot number, along with a short description and its hammer price. The gross total is shown, any deductions for commission listed and the net total clearly stated.

TAG Auctions offers local, simulcast, phone and online bidding to buyers all over the country. Through target marketing and detailed cataloging, our company will go beyond your expectation. Whether you are buying or selling, our mission is to give you an experience like no other.

TAG Auctions specializes in the firearms industry. Our experience and knowledge in the industry separates us from other auction companies. Your items will be seen by thousands of avid gun collectors both locally and nationally. Having owned 2 successful gun business, The Outdoorsman and Blue Ridge Outfitters, during the 50 years, our family has solidified a strong reputation within the industry.

Reputation, Trust & Integrity

TAG Auctions will work hard to create and maintain sound relationships with individual consignors, trusted dealers, well-known collectors and many respected authorities in the collecting fraternity. In a business with a very long memory, where trust is built slowly, but fractured in seconds, TAG will always stick to our roots, be transparent and have a true partnership with our consignors. We enjoy an unblemished reputation in the firearms industry and work very hard to maintain that position in our new role at TAG Auctions.


The State of Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax so all lots will be subject to the 6% fee, which will be added to the hammer price.

Friendly Terms for Sellers

Our commission rates are among the most competitive in the business and are all inclusive with absolutely NO additional or hidden charges to the consignor. Once a contract is signed, your commission rate WILL NOT CHANGE. We can tailor a single rate to your consignment, or work with a sliding commission scale which will encompass very preferential rates for more costly arms while maintaining the standard modest commission rates for the more common items being marketed. Additionally, our consignors are paid twenty-five business days after the sale. This is much quicker than most auction companies with 30 and even 45-day payment terms.

TAG Auctions tries very hard to give all consignors, large and small, the same fair shake. Often, houses will take arms of modest or median value and lot them in groups of four and five. We feel this is a disservice to the consignor as, a fellow who wants a particular gun, may have little or no interest in the other firearms being offered in that lot. A person who has a pre-determined budget for an firearm of their desire, may not be able or willing to spend a few thousand more on additional arms in-which he has no interest, and rightfully he should not be forced to. Such lots tend to invite only dealer bids, who are interested in purchasing the lot for re-sale. While we absolutely love our dealers, we know that they are buying for resale and rightfully so, must make a profit on the arms they are acquiring. Therefore, they have a wider margin they must work with to acquire arms for their stock; this rarely equates to higher sale prices for the consignor. All of our sales are our most important sales, with the same attention to detail in each lot, the same lavish photography for every lot in the live auction and the same fair shake for every consignor. No arms are designated for more “special sales” while others get relegated to more regional sales, we swing for the fence with every lot offered. There is even a silent auction venue we have for arms which may have problems, either mechanical, or missing parts or with condition issues, but each gets a full accurate catalog description which includes a bore description.

Detailed Descriptions

At TAG, we will take pride in providing detailed, accurate descriptions, all of which include bore condition, an aspect which we know is very important to most purchasers of collectible and investment grade arms, and indispensable to guns being bought as “users” for the hunter or target shooter. We will do our very best to provide an accurate description of metal surfaces, including any degree of original finish on the arm, but also any defects noted, whether they be small handling marks, more moderate abrasions, or perhaps light surface oxidation or more prominent defects such as pitting. The wood or synthetic surfaces of stocks as well are given detailed scrutiny and any defects or condition issues, good or bad, are brought to light.

What’s My Gun Worth?

Are you curious about an old firearm that you have and are wondering what it might fetch at auction? You are invited to email images and any information you may know about your item. One of our experts will contact you with an estimate of auction value, at no cost to you. We will gladly advise you as to whether your item is a good candidate for auction or if some other venue may be better to market your particular item.

If you have a gun you’re considering for auction and want a preliminary estimate click here.

Professional Written Appraisals

With over 50 years’ experience selling collectible firearms, we can think of few in the business more qualified to appraise your collection than the TAG Auctions. We offer full appraisal services for insurance purposes, any and all legal-related purposes whether that be probate, estate settlement, or marital matters, and of course, for collectors simply wishing to know what their items may bring at auction. If we appraise your collection, and you end up consigning the collection to us for auction, we will credit you in full the fee you paid for the appraisal. Inquire about appraisals here.

Estate Appraisals

We offer appraisals for estates and probate courts. These appraisals include a detailed description of each item with a value assigned. These appraisals are prepared on company stationery and are signed by the appraiser. These appraisals are figured at fair-market value. These appraisals are billed at a fixed hourly rate. If requested, a curriculum vitae for the appraiser will be provided.

Insurance Appraisals

Often when you wish to insure your collection, your insurance company will require an appraisal. These appraisals are figured at Replacement value and are billed at a fixed hourly rate.

Estate and Legal Appraisals

We will work with attorneys, executors and administrators to perform appraisals for estates, trusts and probate courts. These appraisals include a detailed description of each item and end with an assigned value. These appraisals are prepared on company letterhead and are signed and dated by the individual appraiser. Items valuations are figured at fair-market value utilizing current and very recent sale pricing; all appraisals are billed at a fixed hourly rate.

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